Hendriks, Alvyn Cesarianto (2018) Peer Review Pemahaman tentang Sabat Lunas Berdasarkan Imamat 23:3 di GMAHK Mountain View Church KOta Belud Sabah Malaysia. Jurnal Koinonia, 10 (1). ISSN 2086-0935

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Pemahaman tentang Sabat Lunar berdasarkan Imamat 23 3 di GMAHK 20220414_08214685.pdf

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In this research, the author tries to examine the understanding of the Lunar Sabbath based on Leviticus 23: 3 in Mountain View Church Kota Belud Sabah, Malaysia. Simply, this researchconsisted of four indicators: What is the understanding of the Lunar Sabbath according to the Bible in Leviticus 23:3; What is the Sabbath day according to the Sabbath Lunar adherents with itsconnectionto the Sabbath on Saturday; What is the understanding of the Jehovah’s calendar; andhow does the understanding of the churches about the Lunar Sabbath?This research is divided into two main parts such as theoretically and practically.Theresult of thistheory is, regarding to the understanding of the Lunar Sabbath, we have no Biblical basis to celebrate the Lunar Sabbath,and the sanctification of the Sabbath is an imperative biblical doctrine for every people who believes that God is the Creator and the Redeemer. The Sabbath day according to the SabbathLunar adherents with its connection to the seventh-day Sabbath is,the Lunar Sabbath adherents claim that the lunisolar calendar is the original biblical calendar in which the Sabbath falls on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and the 29th that falls on Tuesday.The Lord Himself sanctified the Sabbath on Saturday in the week of creation.The understanding the Jehovah’scalendaris Jesus crucified on the passoveron the sixth day of the week on 14thand rested on 15thand rose on 16th.But if the Sabbath always falls on that date, surely God will not lowered the manna on the 15th (Joshua 5: 10-12) because it is the Sabbath, but according to Joshua 5:10-12,God lowered the manna on the 15th. So the 15th date cannot be a Sabbath.The theory of the Lunar Sabbath and the theory of the Sabbath is Saturday is,for the Lunar Sabbath theory,that on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday it was the day when Jesus was crucified. But according to the Bible, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the days of the crucifixion of Jesus.Pratically, thisresearch result of the respondents provided evidence that all the statements contained in the questionnaire (P1-P19) are well understood except for P13 to P18 and P19 with poor interpretation

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