Pardosi, Milton Thorman (2016) Analisis Pemeliharaan Anggota Baru agar Tetap Bertahan dalam Gereja Masehi Advent Hari Ketujuh Jemaat Cihampelas Berdasarkan Kolose 2:7. Jurnal Koinonia, 8 (2). pp. 1-18. ISSN 2086-0935

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In this study, the authors examined the causes of why the new members of seventh
day Adventist church did not survive in the congregation at Cihampelas Bandung
church based on Colossians 2: 7. This study focuses on four indicators namely:
What is the message of Colossians 2:7; what is the main causes of new members did
not survive in the church; what is the reason of the new members survived in the
church; and what is the message Colossians 2: 7 to maintain new members.
Generally, the church aims to bring people who are not converted into the fellowship
of the believers. The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is a organization blessed by
God with many souls that joining in the church through baptism, but most of the
people who just join in the church did not survive in the church until the end of their
In order to be faithful members and retaining the faith and trust that has been owned
by the new members of the Apostle Paul urged members of the newly christened it
has: (1) The roots are strong and sturdy in Jesus, which means emptying oneself of
earthly things and be one with Jesus; (2) Has a built Faith in Jesus means to have
unity of a close relationship with Jesus; (3) Growing fast in the faith that has been
taught that meant stay focused on the truth that has been obtained and is not affected
by the false teachings that exist around them; (4) Has the abundant life with
Thanksgiving greeting that indicates that the person has grown in his faith.
Based on the results of this research, conducted by the author then there are four
things of the main cause why the new members did not survive in the church: a cold
welcome from members - old members and employees of the church; Lack of
studying the Bible before being baptized; Temptation of old habits (such as smoking,
drinking, etc.); and lack of visiting the new members who just being baptized by the
pastor and church employees. And also based on the results of interviews with 15
people who were no longer active in the church, there are 9 people who cannot go to
church because they were working on the Sabbath. Based on the results of the
research questionnaire then there are three things that the main cause of new
members to survive in the church: a good motive of every member of the newly
baptized to seek the Truth; Friendly relations were familiar with the old members in
the church; Attention and affection on the show members of the old to the new
After the authors look at thecauses, the author concluded that due to the new
members did not survive in the church is therefore less mature in knowledge of real
truth. That’s why before a person accepts Jesus as his/her personal Savior, he need to
be guided as much as possible in order to know surely the Faith to the real Jesus
Christ. Old members also need to help the new members who joined in the growth of
their faith so that they can grow well into adulthood in their newly acquired faith.

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